From time zone to time zone

Travelling! Thé best thing in the world I would say! Personally I can’t get enough of it!

Seeing new cultures, meeting people all over the world, try new things you would never do when you would have stayed at home! You make the best memories and have the time of your life.Of course the goodbyes are though but the excitement definitely overthrows that! You can’t wait to be there already! After the goodbyes of your friends and family it all starts to sink in “I’m really doing this!”

The ride to the airport is a true hell, and don’t even get me started on the plane flight! You just want to be there already! (And you want to get rid of that baby that has been crying for hours and hours!) You start imagining how everything is going to be there, what is the first thing you will do? Are you going to make friends easily? Are you going to be homesick?

So FINALLY arrive at the airport, standing with you bags in the arriving hall and get a little hart attack with an overwhelming of emotions! You want to cry out of panic, you want to burst in to laughter, you want to scream out of happiness. And take a moment to take it all in and realise you get some weird looks from the people around you so you pick yourself up and move on to take a cap to your hostel.

You feel getting tired and you can do with a little nap.

Arriving at the hostel you feel again an overwhelming with emotions of kindness of the people there as well when you arrive in you room and meet you roommates for the next couple of days!

Although you’ve only met them for 5minutes you already have plans to make diner together and of course a big party for my arrival can’t be missed.






But then there comes the time you have to go home.

We all know the hello’s are the easiest but the goodbyes the hardest. But you are prepared and you can deal with them because you have done it many times over the last couple of months. So you say your final goodbyes and talk about stuff everyone talks about. Seeing you family and friends again, excited for the next chapter in your life, a new job, starting college, …

So you are home! Yeey! You get the expected welcome party and you the new big thing in town! Everyone talk about you, you tell you story about a thousand times but it never gets bored because in that way you just get to relive it once again, and again, and again,…

But after all the meetings, visits and so on, everyone as moved on with their lives again but you find it hard to fit in again.

So you have a moment to take it all in, and realize nothing around has changed, but YOU have changed. The way you look at the world right now, your future has changed, your plans have changed… New things are important in you live. But nobody seems to notice it?

You have changed so much over the months, but no one seems to notice it! You may have changed your hair, put on a couple of pounds those things they see. What they don’t seems to notice how you changed on the inside, how you see the world now.

You feel like your lost in this world with people all around you.