Holidays don’t always have to be a long shot!

You can easily make the best trips in just a couple of days!

Thats why they invented “Citytrips”! Amazing holidays for just 3-5 days!

It’s the best thing ever just to explore a city, you don’t have to rush anything but just enjoy the city!

Here are some of the best Citytrips in Europe!

  • Paris

Paris, the city of LOVE! Its a perfect place if you want to go on a holiday with your boyfriend!It has alot of history, culture and not to forget the food!Make a romantic walk down the Champ-Elyséés, visite one of the most spoken museas “Louvre”. Go for a lovely picknick with a view of the eiffeltower!More then enough to do in Paris!

  • Istanbul

Istanbul! Thé city between two continents! Only just that makes it already worht going! There is so much history in Istanbul! From the (Romainse rijk tot het Ottomaanse rijks) makes sure there is enough to see!The city has clearly 2 sides a western side and a eastern side! Definitaly worth checking out!

  • Barcelona

Espanjaaaa!! Sun, sea and amazing food!? What do you want more?

Amazing architercure? Check, check, check and dubbel check!

Barcelona, the city where Gaudi did his magic! Between all the pinchos and all the sangrias take a stroll in the amazing area of El born. Trust me everyone loves Barcelona!

  • Amsterdam

The city of water and bikes! Amsterdam is an amazing place! Nobody can denie that.There is a bit of everything and something for everyone! Visiting the 9lanes, Anne Franks museum, Van Gogh are the things you have to do for sure!


  • Berlijn

Berlin is a special and trendy city all-in one. It has so much history but still it manages to stay modern and trendy. If you’re looking for a citytrip that is perfect to do with the whole family, Berlin in definitaly the place to be!The younger generation can go to one of the many clubs, while the older generation can go to a more quit pub. Berlin offers it all!



Hand signs

As you may have read before, if you go to a different time zone that there might be a different culture, which means that the hand suggestions you think are perfectly normal, might be very offensive for them

Thumbs up           persons-0106 persons-0107

A sign we in the western community use a lot is the thumbs up! As we see no harm why we shouldn’t use the thumbs up, it is a really offensive thing in Bangladesh! In Bangladesh it’s a real insult to give a thumbs up. A weird thought I would say as we see the sign for a good thing.

Come here

Another very common sign that we use is the “Come here” sign.

As well another sign that you thing would cause no harm but you couldn’t be further from the truth as in the Philippines you could be arrested for it. As we use the sign as we see somebody and we like them to come over, in Asia it can only be used to call dogs.

Horn fingers/ Rock signmetal-horn-emoji

The horn fingers in the USA of the rockers sign is a sign of approval, something that you’re liking. During a rock festival you see nothing else. But just like the ones above you can expect that in some country’s it has a totally different meaning.

In Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Spain, Italy and Portugal this mean that you partner is cheating on you… So watch out!

OK                                 persons-0108

The oké sign is a very common use in the diving language to say that everything is all good and that there are no problems. Very normal I would think. But in Brazil however it’s a very rude gesture.

The V sign/peace sign         persons-0111

This sign has been a spoken sign over decades! Behind the sign lays a bit of history aswell.

So I’ll start off by saying that here are two V signs. They look very alike but have the opposite meaning. So be careful to use them!

You got the one with the palm of your hand faced outwards, and the other one as you could guess with the palm of your hand faced inwards.

In the USA both signs have the meaning of victory and peace. The sign has been adopted in the 70’s by the hippies as the peace sign.

In the UK, Australia and South Africa the V sign with the palm of your hand faced inwards it’s conciderd a very rude and instulting meaning. “Fuck you”.

Solo travelling vs group travelling

As you know by now I love solo travelling. This doesn’t mean of course that I don’t understand why you would want to go travelling in group. Don’t get me wrong it do love to make trips with my friends.

So here are some reasons why it’s amazing to travel in group.

  1. Cheaper

Travelling in group is a lot cheaper than on your own.

You can share costs for fuel (if you’re road tripping), costs for food, housing, …

  1. Always company

This can be the best thing of your trip, or the worst! Let me explain.

You’re planning this amazing trip with you best friend(s) you think you know each other in and out, you know every little thing about each other… YOU DON’T!

It’s only on holidays that you really get to know a person, you’re with them 24/7.

But I’m not saying that your friendship is doomed. Travelling with your friends can be the best and most beautiful thing as well. Your friendship will grow stronger and becomes better than ever.

  1. Organized group travelling

If you want to go travelling on your own but still want people around you then organized group travelling may be just it for you!

You meet new people, you share this amazing adventure and everything is organized just step on that plane and ENJOY!

You still get the advantage of solo travelling and exploring new things.




Different time, different world

Going to a different country comes along with a new culture.

Learning about a new culture is the best way or at least one of the best ways to step out your comfort zone.

A lot of people have a dream to go to foreign country’s but never do it because they are scared to step out of the comfort zone and don’t get to realize that dream.

Here are some reasons why you don’t have to be afraid and why it’s the best thing!

  1. When you’re going truth a culture shock or experience one you will create your personality, you learn how to trust you guts, get truth hard times which will get you a thichker skin!

You will learn so much about yourself when you’re the most vulnerble. And at the same time its the best time of your life

  1. Experiencing a culture shock comes with a new language. When you’re learning a new language there are different ways to do it. Either you learn it in a classroom, or you go out there and learn the language step by step .

The weirdest thing is that when you get the hang of it, you’ll somehow think in the language as well. And weird but amazing thing.

  1. After it all, you get more comfortable in your new surroundings and you’ll learn how to relax. You will make the best of friends all over the world. It’s definitely one of the best things of travelling! And it’s no down point to have a place to stay all over the world.
  1. If you’re still afraid of experiencing a culture shock then try it in smaller steps. You don’t have to go to a different country or time zone. Start at your own town and surroundings. Try a new shop in town forensics, step by step you will get to learn how to get along with chances and expanse then from there.



Cheap, cheaper, cheapest

It’s true travelling is expensive, but there are still differences you can stay in an hotel that has a pricecart of 1000€ or one that’s just 15€

Here are some tips that will make it all a bit cheaper.

  1. Save on the little things!

If you look at your daily life, what are the little things you think you can do without?

If you’re a student for instance. Buying lunch and coffee every day is expensive, and it bringing your own from home can save you heaps of money. I know it’s easier and and a less amount of effort in the morning. I mean I get it, choosing those 15minutes extra sleep in the morning? I would definitely choose them! But then again if you think of that amazing dream holiday you want so bad? If a small effort to wake up a bit earlier!

  1. Couch surfing

One of the cheapest ways to travel is couch surfing. Couch what you say?

Couch surfing is an international organisation where you can stay with locals. In this way you can travel like a local, you stay in a locals home and will experience the way like nothing else.

  1. Book cheaper travel

Choose your destination in advance, sign up for different airfares so you can get notified when the prices are the lowest to the location where you want to go.

sceem hole web for all the hotels. A lot of the hotels give you a discount if you stay longer then 3 nighs of more.

  1. Go for Airbnb

If you’re not the biggest fan staying with people you don’t know, try Airbnb! You can rent appartments in the city you want to stay in and feel at home in a new city.

Its also a cheaper way then hotels, you can make your own dinners, breakfast, lunches,… this way you don’t always have to eat out. Again this way you save heaps of money.


Let’s pack!

The flights are booked let’s do this!


If you’re like me, you would(if you could) pack the hole closet in you bag and you would rader take 2 or 3 bags!

But this is a bad idea! Not only is it soooooo onhandy you’ll reget it the moment you arrive!

Do you really need 6 pairs of sneakers? NO you don’t!

After hours and hours of choosing what you’re going to bring, you finally have stript it al down. Now the real struggle of packing can begin!

How do you get all that stuff in you luggage?

First of all, DON’T fold your clothes, but roll them. This way it takes a lot less space and you can take those extra pair of shoes you really didn’t want to leave behind!


In some countries it’s unsafe to drink tapwater. Look this up before you leave! Brush you teeth with botteld water and keep you mouth shut while you take a bath or a shower.

Tap water can cause stomach illnesses such as: Nausea, vomiting, crams, diearroea . Not really what you want on your trip.

Leave that lonley planet at home!

Don’t take your guidebooks with you. It’s not only heaps of extra weight, it also takes alot of space. So make copy’s of the things you really want to do and see.

If you see featured places, avoid them of do the exact opposite! This way you will feel a real local and less of a tourist!

I would also recomment not to plan everything out in advence. Try the “go with the flow” lifestyle for a change. Most of the time the best memories come from unplanned days.

Take a pack of cards.

Maybe not the first thing you would think of, but thats what we’re here for! When you have to wait hours for the bus that has been delayed, a pack of cards is the perfect ice-breaker and everyone is up for it! I mean who doesn’t love a game of cards?



Jetlag horror!

Who ever has made en long journey with another time zone know the stuggle: Jetlag.

Arriving at your destination and your nackerd, you can’t seem to adjust to the new rithm. You’re tired during the hole day but at night you can’t get any sleep because you’re wide awake.

Not really a nice beginning of that awesome trip you where hoping to have.

We have made a list of tips and tricks that save you from this nightmare called jetlag fever.

 1. Change your watch! 

  • Change your watch right before you board and try to adjust during the flight to the new timezone. This way you will have it easier when you land.

2. Say YES to Virgin mojito’s! Do NOT go to bed early but party untill the early hours!

  • When you arrive in an earlier timezone do NOT go to bed early but party untill the early hours! It’s tempting to go to sleep earlier because you’re used to it and you’re tired from the journey. Instead of getting a few more hours sleep, go explore in town and go for a few more drinks. When you do this it’s easier to get used to the new rithm and your body will adjust sooner. Although don’t choose for alcoholic drinks, this will make it harder to fall asleep.

3.  Drink water! 

  • Drinking 1liter of water is a standard. After a long journey its even more important! Sleeping problems isn’t the only harm that jetlag causes for your body. Jetlag can cause headaches, stomache issues and do not forget your terrible mood. Drinking water is not a mirical that wil solve all of this BUT at least it wont get worse.

Of course as a coffee addict myself it’s really tempting to get a good cup of coffee to get though the day/evening but do NOT do this! This may cause dehydration.

4. Go for a walk!

  • It’s importent to get enough of fresh air and sunlight.

This helps to get your biorithm back on track!

Follow all of these tips & tricks and reduce your chance to get Jetlag problems! If you got more tips and tricks let us know!!